A Very Special Proposal: Ben + Brennan

Ben is a football coach in Wichita Falls, Tx, and him and his girlfriend, Brennan, have been together for 3 years. Ben contacted us because he saw one of our football videos we produced for Eastbay in 2014, and even used a few clips in his team's hype video. He explained his special plan to propose to Brennan and asked us to capture it, and of course our answer was yes! Fast forward to Sunday March 13th, 2016... Ben's plan was to get Brennan out of the house with her friends, on a "spa day" so he could begin the proposal setup. We arrived at Ben & Brennan's, with the house full of their friends and family, but of course no Brennan. Everybody was diligently working and helping out in some way to make Ben's proposal come to life. There were tons of candles, flowers, and lights set up to lead Brennan to their backyard where a projector screen and blankets were ready, so she could watch a video Ben created for her. It was incredible to witness the amount of thought and effort Ben put in to make this happen. We will let the video show you what happens next!