2019 Spring Wedding Trends


The ice and snow are melting, and 2019 is finally starting to bloom into another beautiful Spring season! This is an exciting time in the wedding world, soon-to-be brides emerging from the Winter Season with all new trends for the new season. Here are some of our favorite trends that we know we’ll see this year!



We know this isn't a new concept, but it comes back every year for the same reason. Pastels and Spring are like Wine and Chocolate, you just can't have one without the other. This year’s pastels include champagnes, baby blues, rose gold, and so many more shades for fashionable dresses, flowers, and decor. The amazing power of pastels are their versatility; there are a million combinations to make every wedding truly unique. Pastels can also be enhanced with one stark color to play off of in the mix. Imagine Champagne gold, rose quartz, and a bold Burgundy together for the romantic event of the year!



The best part of Spring is the vibrant resurgence of nature and all of its colors. The most prominent of these is green. A thousand shades of green are back from their long sleep during the winter. Incorporating any shade of green into your wedding is a sure fire way to play into the Spring season. Spring is all about new beginnings and the promise of a new day; just like weddings! Any homage you can play to the fantastic season is a great way to start your planning.

Wild Bouquets


Bouquets evolve just as much as color palettes and dress styles in the wedding industry. And just as the staunch rules of how and when to get married are changing, so are the stiff, clean cut bouquets of the past. For spring, the only rule is the wilder, the better! Incorporating greenery, wildflowers, and tropical accents are all encouraged. Reminiscent of the long trailing flowers of the early 90’s, 2019 is going to full of sprawling displays of flowers from every part of the rainbow!

Materials: Lumber + Metal


In 2019, brides are doing away with the term ‘clashing’, and bringing in the rustic beauty of lumber and metal to their events. Wood plank signs, tin bucket vases, wood tables, and geometric metal candle holders are all you need for a stylized setting. A simple fabric to tie everything together and you’ve already got a beautiful reception on your hands. It's all about keeping it simple, all the extra fluff and decor left behind for something sleeker and newer. Shift the focal point of your special day back to your nuptials and your celebration!



Have you ever been to a wedding where the food is delicious, the drinks are strong, and you have every element of a great party - only to stop and wonder what the wedding colors are? You look every which way, but the general theme has been lost to a lack of cohesion from Ceremony to Reception. This is one thing Spring 2019 brides are determined to fight - from the second guests walk into the Ceremony, to waving the couple goodbye at the end of the night, the theme and color palette of the wedding will be crystal clear. Throwing out ‘traditional’ decor or details for something more on theme to tie everything together into a modern, Spring inspired event for the ages.

All in all,

the spirit of Spring is defined by buzzwords like fresh, clean, light, and fun. It’s the season of new beginnings and blooming; a perfect setting for the start of something new with your spouse. Take advantage of the beauty of Spring and these trends, and 2019 is set to be one amazing year!